I somehow decided to share my entire (70k+ word) diary with a couple friends of mine – don’t really remember what got me into doing that, but here we are haha (and I don’t regret it!). Sharing my diary made me realize that sharing parts of my life with others meant something to me.

So here are parts of my diary – unfortunately, I won’t be able to share all of it, but I think (or hope) some of the entries I put up will be interesting and enjoyable.

(For the sake of anonymizing people in my diary, I’ll be replacing names w.r.t. each entry – pseudonyms won’t persist between entries. Also, please understand that people change – my diary goes back 4+ years, and what I wrote about might be of the distant past; I don’t mean to personally attack anyone, and I’m merely sharing things from my perspective/personal life.)

Edit 4/1/21: Not sure if anyone has tried to read this stuff recently/a while back, but I realized that Entry 30 was a pretty bad place to go on a hiatus… I might appear as a stuck up person but I swear I’m not like that in real life lol… my mindset from that time period stemmed from a larger issue in my past that I’ve been hoping to share (but I just got busy and couldn’t write about it). I’ve been also second guessing about whether I should continue uploading parts of my diary or discontinue this idea entirely – maybe I’m not as “brave” as I thought I was to put my life out on the internet. After all, this is all “personal” writing haha

It’s not meant to make it seem like I’m looking down on the world and whatnot, but rather share some things about my past that I think shaped who I am/who I’ve become today (which is hopefully not a stuck up and arrogant person lol)

Edit 4/22/21: Yeah, those earlier entries turned out to be too cringy for me to let the world know, so I’m taking them off for now (I think there are some better ones later on, but I just got too lazy with this idea and haven’t touched it for a while). I’m gonna remove all the entries for now and figure out which other ones to put up later (I am very much not feelin brave anymore)