Entry 19

2:22am, 11/12/16

Yeah, I’ve definitely gotten really lazy with writing in this lately – don’t really have any excuse. So, apparently Thursday morning, my mom texted me saying that we didn’t have any internet, and we weren’t gonna have internet until Saturday midday. Kinda really sucked, but in some ways, I think it was good. [My brothers] and I spent a lot of time together these past two days, and I’m kind of glad for that. It felt like it’s been forever since we actually spend some decent quality time together, and I actually somewhat think of them as friends and family now, not just as friends – it’s weird. Before, I never really wanted to talk to my brothers that much when I was still at home for high school. I would always try to seclude myself from them, and I never really tried to hang out with them. But when I got back Thursday night, I realized that I really wanted to hang out with them, and spend some good time with them. It was something we’ve lacked for a really long time, and it feels like we finally got together and had a lot of fun. That’s what I mean by friends, not just as family – they’re fun to hang out with, not just a group of people that I know because I’m related by blood with them.

Kinda glad that we’re finally going to get internet again tomorrow. But, I guess I know that I can live without it.