8:43pm, 1/20/21

As one of the adventures of adulting, I got baited over the excitement of the reduced price of my favorite vegetable last Friday. I mean intuitively, reduced price usually means that they want people to buy it cause it’s going bad, but… that didn’t hit me at the time… I was just like, “dude I swear this is usually over $2/Ib” and just got super excited that I saw it at like $1.89/Ib (I mean like also, is that really something to get super excited over?? lol). (As another note, I bought the vegetable the previous week and had the intention of buying it again this week, so I just got excited over the “deal.") Well, here I am, cooking it almost a week later, and realizing that the smell is a bit off than usual… it didn’t go bad, but it’s definitely getting there. So I guess, now I know what it smells like for my favorite vegetable to go bad, and I also made a mental note to cook it all sooner rather than later so that I don’t have to sadly throw out the food after cooking it (feels sad man). That was definitely the sad part – noticing the smell was off while preparing the vegetable and then after cooking it, realizing that yeah, I probably shouldn’t eat it… Well, at least it’s not as tragic when I had to throw out like a FULL pack of chicken because I accidentally defrosted frozen cooking yogurt too early (to cook with the chicken), which ended up spoiling the entire dish I made (I don’t make Indian food usually, but one of the dishes I like uses cooking yogurt, and I don’t need a lot, so I froze the left over yogurt from a previous time that I made the dish)…