9:51pm, 5/24/21

I forgot my laptop charger back at the office when I went back home to drive a friend somewhere at 3pm today, so I was already annoyed by myself at that, and later I had to drop him off and pick him up at a location. While I waited for him, I decided to continue reading/annotating a paper I had to read for class tomorrow but somehow fricken dropped my highlighter at an impossible-to-reach place in my car and got super pissed off at that (it’s also just a highlighter…); then I decided to go back to the office (here I am) to get some work done because I’m usually super unproductive in my room at night but remembered that I dropped my highlighter in the car (resurfacing those memories…), but luckily I realized that I had this shitty highlighter on me so I figured I’d just use that, but then I realized I actually left the paper at home in my other notebook because I (thought I) didn’t need the notebook and so coming to the lab at night was a waste of time/basically pointless now cause I coulda just come to the office tomorrow morning because I can last the night without my charger and now I have to go back home because I left my shit at home and yeah, I’m just super super done

IMC paper submission is also on Wednesday and I also found out an hour ago that these past 8 weeks that I spent on a particular part of my research was basically wrong and pointless so I’m just not having it tonight and now I’m just in total disbelief that all this shit actually happened today which usually never happens

Edit 9:38am, 6/6/21: Was thinking about not putting this up online, but yeah, it’s kinda funny to look back at this, especially at all the pointless things I was annoyed at. Sometimes, you have good days, sometimes bad… c’est la vie