9:47am, 6/6/21

Yeah, so I discovered last night that someone had stolen my entire bag of granola bars at the office… like, WHO? I’ll refrain from pointing fingers here (I mean after all, I really don’t know), but like, who, and why?? Like, there’s so much other stuff in the room that you could steal, but you chose the granola bars?? I literally had one from the bag the previous night, and I just realized that it was gone last night. Like, is there a no food policy because of Covid? Did it get thrown out? I was going through some stuff last night, and when I found out that the WHOLE bag was missing, I was like, nuh-uh, not havin it right now and also can’t think about this right now. So yeah, it’s okay; it’s only like, almost half of a box of 48 granola bars missing :')

I’m not sure if this is “reportable” (I mean, it’s just granola bars), but I’m also just worried about other stuff missing now…